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Fall Fun Marks the Season

Yuberki Delgadillo and Jake Keating, Reporters

November 1, 2011

Filed under Student Life

With the school year in full swing, students activites change venues from the areas beaches and lakes to more fall seasonal activities. Sophomore Justin Lindblom said," I’m pretty busy between homework and running cross-country,...

Dancers Deal with New Environment

Raquel Delgadillo, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Filed under Student Life

Like the fall sports teams, the Dance Club has had to find a new, temporary home.  Due to construction, the dance room is not available. The dancers have moved to the cafeteria to practice for their annual show in March. Dance...

Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera team up for the hit song of the summer

Kalia Kornegay, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera has spent 17 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 List. The song has held the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 100. The infectious beat, unique yet catchy whistling,...

Construction Hampers Fall Sports Season

Samantha Autencio and Lauren Kang, Reporters

November 1, 2011

Filed under News, Sports

As the buzz and clangs of construction continue throughout the day, fall sports teams work to overcome the new dilemma: losing the home field advantage for the season.  The football, field hockey and both soccer fields have...

Alumni Creates Local Utopia

Talia Rickerson, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Filed under Community News

Melissa Hume, formerly Melissa Occhionero,  has always aspired to be  a hairdresser. “I was never a girly frilly kind of person, so it wasn’t that part of it. I love people and making them feel good. It’s very rewarding....

Lancer Nation Shirts Get New Design

Andrea Henry, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Filed under Student Life

The new Lancer Nation t-shirts are the season's must-have fashion.  The new design created by senior Olivia Mallari shows a fearless Lancer with all of the Eastern Connecticut Conference mascots pierced by two lances.  Lancer...

Senior Wins Television Show Contest

Acacia McDowell, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, News

Mrs. Rafferty and Mrs. Baumgartner ran a contest to give the fans of the show Bones a chance to get their names in the show as one of the victims or killers. Hart Hanson, the creator of the television series, invited them to ...

Extreme Makeover: Library Edition

Kalie Menders, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Filed under Academic News

The school library is undergoing drastic changes under first-year librarian Mr. Cadorette. Most noticeable are the once packed bookshelves that are now clean and organized. Where old, disheveled books were once crammed, bare...

New Furniture Tested for New School Building

Kenyi Silva

November 1, 2011

Filed under Academic News, News

With the commencement of  the new year and construction of the new building in full swing, changes have already been seen throughout the school. Select classrooms piloted new desks to see which ones will be of better use to...

Lancer Fall Sports Round-Up

Randy Rubenstein

November 1, 2011

Filed under Sports

Editor’s note: Records are through mid-late October Football: The season “is going great” says senior Ivar Wirta, “I’m really proud of our performance; we showed a lot of determination in the Stonington game.” Senio...

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