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Dodgeball Tournament

Emily Pyka

March 31, 2014

Filed under Student Life

The annual dodgeball tournament was hosted in the field house on Thursday, March 20. Students formed groups with their friends and faced off in a series of games. Mrs. Cavasino, head dodgeball coach, raised awareness of the event...

Waterford High School’s First Lancer Showcase

Naty Bush

March 31, 2014

Filed under Student Life

Waterford High School hosted a new event this year, called Lancer Showcase. The school was open to allow the community the opportunity to visit the new building and experience some of what the school has to offer. Throughout the...

Stress Overload

Adam Darling

March 11, 2014

Filed under Student Life

The third quarter is under way, and with its commencement, comes the mountain of stress that periodically envelops students’ lives. For some, this stress is caused by trying to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activit...

Waterford High School Dance Show

Colin Harrington

March 7, 2014

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

The dance show is creeping up on us again and it excites a lot of people.  Waterford’s dance team includes some of the school's better athletes, and they perform on only two days a year.  Expect to be amazed. During winter...

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