Celebrate National Periodic Table Day

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Celebrate National Periodic Table Day

Katie Welch, Reporter

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National Periodic Table day is celebrated annually on February 7th. The holiday was created as an observance toward the work of scientists in discovering and organizing elements. In 1809, there were merely 47 elements discovered.

Now, there are 118 elements in the periodic table. Although National Periodic Table day isn’t widely celebrated here, almost every student learns about the periodic table.

Mr. Todd Kane, integrated science teacher, explained the importance of educating students about the periodic table, which he covers in his curriculum. Kane explained that the one of the most vital aspects of the periodic table that students should be informed about is, “the number of valence electrons in a column. This is extremely important because it shows the reactivity of the elements and helps to distinguish/classify the noble gasses.”

Ms. Tessa Castleberry, biology and environmental science teacher, also possessed interesting knowledge of the periodic table. When asked what her favorite element on the periodic table is, she replied, “If I had to choose a favorite element, it would probably be krypton.”

Ms. Castleberry went on to humorously explain, “The main reason I would choose krypton is because I’m a fan of Superman, and kryptonite is his weakness.”

Students also expressed humorous knowledge of the periodic table. Junior Kaitlyn Morgan explained, “If you combine the symbols of nickel and cerium, it spells ‘Nice.’”

In addition, when asked about her knowledge of the periodic table sophomore Jessalyn Krenicki jokingly stated, “I don’t usually tell science puns, only periodically.”

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