December Horoscopes

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

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Disclaimer: Horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

Sagittarius: The new moon emerging on November 29 is a clear indicator that this month will be full of changes, specifically in your third house, which has to deal with thinking, communication, and negotiating. Mars in Aquarius will allow this month to be an extremely productive one, while Jupiter and the new moon are both in Sagittarius this month. Since Jupiter is the bringer of luck, this indicates that any changes you make during the new moon will have very positive outcomes. Make sure to take risks this month and don’t second-guess your gut!

Capricorn: December will bring lots of time for thinking as the New Year approaches. With the new moon in your twelfth house of privacy and dreams, you’ll find yourself reflecting inwards and putting lots of thought into your actions (which is no surprise for the logical Capricorn). Despite Mars wreaking havoc in your second house of income and causing you to spend copious amounts of money around the holidays, you’ll find peace in any home situations due to Uranus entering your fourth house. Any issues with parents or siblings are sure to be resolved this month, but make sure not to let your hard-headedness get in the way.

Aquarius: Not only do you have the passionate presence of Mars in your ruling house this month, but Venus will also be making an appearance, making this month quite special for Aquarians. Between December 7 and December 18, your love life will be blooming thanks to both planets, possibly introducing new lovers, an old flame looking to rekindle, or just a burst of self-loving confidence. Not to mention, with the new moon in your eleventh house, you’ll be presented with lots of opportunities to be social and hang out with friends early on in the month.

Pisces: This is a month to take risks and work hard, Pisces. The new moon will be a strong presence in your ninth house of fame and honor, possibly indicating a well-deserved award or recognition. Don’t be afraid to reach out and take it, instead of resorting to introverted tendencies. You deserve it! Mercury will soon retrograde into your tenth house, joining Saturn, meaning that your career could take a drastic, but definitely positive turn.

Aries: You are a fiery soul that cannot be tamed, and this month you will get a chance to show your wild side. With four heavenly bodies in your ninth house of travel and journeys, an adventure is clearly on the horizon, and well needed during this busy time of year. Whether you choose to make it a staycation or travel far, Mars will give you plenty of energy as your ruling planet to get everything you want done. Also, with this ruling planet currently in Aquarius, your social life is destined to become stronger as you find a strong urge to communicate more with friends and immediate family during this month.

Taurus: You will be wanting to spend loads of money for the holidays, but be careful. With Mercury in retrograde, a Taurus’ decision-making can often become skewed, so make any important decisions before December 19. Despite a confusing end to the month, early December promises great financial and career occurrences, due to the new moon being at a favorable angle to Saturn, Uranus, and Mars. This could lead to a new sense of motivation, a promotion or chance for you to create new networking paths! Once again, make sure not to jump the gun and seal the deal during the Mercury retrograde.

Gemini: Sometimes, you feel as though you are cast aside and ignored. But this December, you are sure to be the center of attention. With Jupiter sending luck from your seventh house of romance and companionship, a new relationship with someone who does not take you for granted is likely. Whether this be a new boss, partner, or friend, you’re destined to feel very appreciated and loved this month. However, make sure you consider this commitment wisely, for the Mercury retrograde could alter Jupiter’s luck. Since Mercury is your ruling planet, you will be feelings it’s backwards effects much earlier than the other signs, meaning the majority of December should be a time for careful thought and restraining from impulse.

Cancer: The new moon will bring lots of projects for you in order to kick off the month, Cancer. Because it is situated in your sixth house of labors, the beginning of December will be a very busy time for you. Teachers are definitely coming down on you with lots of homework, and your job could be causing you extra stress during this high energy time. Luckily, Uranus’ presence in your tenth house of achievements will make sure that this hard work does not go unnoticed. You may be having a hard time now, but you’re in for a great break and tons of recognition for your efforts  in later December.

Leo: Your private life has been on your mind quite a bit recently. With the new moon in your fifth house of love and personal care, long-held relationships are destined to change this month, both for better and for worse. Due to Saturn in Sagittarius, involuntary separation is something you might have to deal with. You and a friend or partner could become estranged due to busy schedules, but it is ultimately up to you to make a decision concerning these relationships. With the Mercury retrograde approaching, it would be best to wait until January before doing anything impulsive. During times like these, it is best for you to stick to your gut and take time to make sure you are doing what is truly best for your health.

Virgo: Virgos are known for their attention to detail in work and school, but this month, the new moon will enter your fourth house of home life, meaning your attention will turn to your family and making sure everything goes smoothly for the holidays. With Mars in Aquarius, you will receive lots of energy in your sixth house of service and organization, meaning that December will have you embracing your ritualistic tendencies, possibly including a chance to organize an event, show your leadership skills at school or work, or something as simple as keeping your family life in check during such a hectic time.

Libra: You have always been a social butterfly, and the new moon of November 29 will light up your third house of communication, meaning you’ll spend December doing what you do best: communicating with others. You have recently been coming into contact with many new people, either through work, school, family, or social life. While this may feel a bit overwhelming at times, Jupiter’s presence in Libra on December 9 will bring a great stroke of much-needed luck into your life, leading to new employment opportunities, budding friendships or new relationships. Communication will definitely be key for you in succeeding this month.

Scorpio: This is a great month for your financial needs, as both Jupiter and the new moon will be in your second house of income this month, which is very fortunate for holiday shopping. You are often a more reserved individual, but Mars in Aquarius will urge you to open up more to your family and those who you hold dearest, and lead to more acts of affection. Don’t push these feelings away, for they will be necessary in securing and strengthening all relationships in your life. While you will be tempted to spend all of the extra income you’ve been earning on your loved ones, be sure to get your shopping done before the Mercury retrograde on December 19, as this can bring bad luck and indecisiveness.

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