The Lancelot

A Dancer’s Life For Me

Shelby Huntington, Reporter

May 9, 2012

Waterford High School is home to a very diverse group of dancers. From ballet to hip-hop, there are many students who are part of local studios that offer everything in between. For these students, dancing isn’t a chore, it’s...

Travel Journal: Return to Lebanon

Rafka Hage, Reporter

May 9, 2012

Lebanon is known for its breath-taking scenery, for its delicious food, its beautiful language, music, clothing, wonderful hospitality, man-made locations, and so much more. Being Lebanese, my family likes to vacation in Lebanon,...

The Whole Food Movement Hits Home

Samantha Autencio, Reporter

May 9, 2012

The era of junk food and cheap food is coming to a halt for some folks in the community. While healthy eating has become a new trend, for some, it has been long known. Ms. Mullins has not eaten meat in over 24 years. When she...

Who Needs Sleep?

Kenyi Silva, Reporter

May 9, 2012

Sleep: the precious hours a person spends throughout the night trying to rejuvenate the mind and body from the day’s activities. However, not everyone takes advantage of this state of conscious. Some people do not feel the...

Local Scouts Celebrate Girl Scouts’ Centennial

Kayla Richardson, Reporter

May 9, 2012

Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girls Scouts of the United States of America 100 years ago. This year, Girl Scout troops all over the world celebrate and continue helping their community. In June, in Washington D.C. there will...

Polishing the Crystal

Kalia Kornegay, Reporter

May 9, 2012

The Crystal Mall in Waterford is one of the most popular places for local teenagers and families to visit. The many stores, variety of restaurants, and location make it the success that it is today. However, the mall recently...

Waterford Wild About New Mall Eatery

Nataly Estrin and Yuberki Delgedillo, Reporters

May 9, 2012

  Opening a week before Thanksgiving Break, Buffalo Wild Wings has become a spot to grab a meal and hang out. Located in the Crystal Mall, this restaurant is one of Waterford’s newest additions. With their numerous...

Fall Fun Marks the Season

Yuberki Delgadillo and Jake Keating, Reporters

November 1, 2011

With the school year in full swing, students activites change venues from the areas beaches and lakes to more fall seasonal activities. Sophomore Justin Lindblom said," I’m pretty busy between homework and running cross-country,...

Dancers Deal with New Environment

Raquel Delgadillo, Reporter

November 1, 2011

Like the fall sports teams, the Dance Club has had to find a new, temporary home.  Due to construction, the dance room is not available. The dancers have moved to the cafeteria to practice for their annual show in March. Dance...

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