Presidential Election is in less than a month

Presidential Election is in less than a month

Molly Reagan, Reporter

As most Americans know, the United States is just shy of a month away from the next election of a new president. It is coming down to the two popular candidates, businessman Donald Trump for the republican party and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the democratic party.

A recent CNN poll called “Poll of Polls,” in which is an average of five popular telephone polls used to ask the question of who one is voting for this election, showed that Hillary Clinton is up by two percent over Trump, with her at 44% preferred voting and him at 42%.

In an interview of history teacher and writer of a presidential blog, Ian Cheney had this to say about the election; “It is an uninspired election.” Cheney also referred to the candidates possessing qualities that are not very presidential at all.

“There is no contest as to who is better prepared. There is nothing positive, and very disheartening.” Cheney followed this stating that the best reason for voting for either of them is so that one will beat the other.

Obviously, this is one example of a voter’s opinion. This election has received a lot of bad press, including some they make a mockery of it. However, it is crucial that people understand that this is not a joke, and it it is truly about who will aid in the prospering and livelihood of the United States.

The September 26, 2016 debate resulted in lot of discussion in the media and it was apparent that Clinton overpowered Trump during and after the debate.

The next debate is October 9, 2016, and the Republican party should be waiting for Trump to come back and win this one. Overall, Americans should start paying attention to the political news and get informed about who their vote could go for.