Local State Representative Election

Paige Miller, Reporter

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The presidential election was not the only battle being waged this week. Towns were buzzing with polls for their own officials in office. Republican incumbent Kathleen McCarty won against Democrat Sharon Palmer by a landslide for the position as State Representative for the Waterford and Montville district.

This term will be McCarty’s second as state rep for the district. A state representative’s job is to be apart of the House of representatives. They vote to pass laws and send them to the House of Representatives which then goes to Congress.

McCarty has a ton of background behind her, such as receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Sacred Heart University, Two Master’s of Arts (Medieval Studies and Teaching French) from Fairfield University and Fordham University. The State Rep is not limiting her studies; she is currently taking a Ph.D. Candidate French Course at the University of Connecticut. McCarty has many plans for her second term in office for the upcoming years. A few of her main goals are to focus on the board of education, vocation rehabilitation, Commission on the Arts, libraries, museums, as well as historical/cultural associations.

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