Back in Theaters


Katy Scullion

Going to the movies was a magic experience, especially for younger kids. Unfortunately, when COVID first became an issue movie theaters closed down. Now that COVID restrictions are lessening, some theaters are opening up.

Unfortunately in Waterford, the two closest theaters, Regal and Niantic, are still closed, but that doesn’t mean people can’t see new movies! New movies are oftener released early on streaming sights like HBO Max and Amazon Prime. However, these movies are usually more expensive. On average, it’s about $30 a movie.  For example, Disney released their new feature, Raya and the Last Dragon, in theaters and on Disney+ where it cost $29.99 with a subscription.

When the theaters open, theaters have to be COVID safe. When it opens its doors, Regal Theaters have several procedures in place. Things such as daily health screenings, a mask mandate, and washing hands every 30 to 60 minutes are in place for employees. Also, to restrict contact Regal has now made it possible to purchase concessions on their app. When it comes to buying snacks for your movie normally, there will be some limitations there. Every other register will be closed to enforce social distancing, and there is now a limited menu. When it comes to refills, the old containers for soda and popcorn will be replaced with new ones. All self condiment stations will be closed. In the auditoriums, masks are still required and should only be taken off to eat or drink. The theater will only be at half capacity. There had to be two seats between groups (one for recliner chair locations) and group sizes will be limited.

Thankfully, the Mystic Luxury Theater is open. Not only do they have movies playing, but they have fun activities available as well. For any occasion, you can rent out a theater! They have other fun activities like wine tasting and raffles as well!