Water You Doing This Summer?


Katy Scullion

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer as summer approaches. During these long months, why not cool down at a local beach? Waterford beach is fun and relaxing for the whole family. 

When it comes to price, things aren’t bad. For Waterford residents, a season pass is only $20, but without a pass it’s only $2 a day on weekdays and $5 on weekends. For those walking or taking a bike, admission is $1. If you’re a senior citizen, you can go to the beach for free with your ID. The prices for the beach are certainly reasonable for a fun day in the sun, but make sure to get their bright and early as parking is limited.

When it came to getting to the beach, there are a few issues, the limited parking being the first of them. Another one of the issues is the walk from the parking lot to the beach. One has to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to the beach itself. The path is both dirt and board walk, but it’s not very accessible to those with strollers or wheelchairs. Thankfully, the beach is getting a few renovations to this pass for disabled guests who would otherwise have a hard time entering. 

Once you get to the beach, things are nice. Unlike most beaches in Connecticut which are covered in rocks, Waterford beach has nice soft sand. The water is cold at first, however it’s pleasant in the summer to swim at. From the beach, you can see views from Long Island, New York. The beach has never been overly crowded and has always been a fun experience. However, dog lovers beware! During June through September dogs are not welcome on Waterford Beach.

The beach itself is opened for 13 hours a day, opening at 8 a.m. and closing at 9 p.m. There are bathrooms with showers on the pathway to the beach, and, as there is no more sand on the walk, it’s easy to stay clean after you’ve washed off all the sand. There are also food trucks that stay on the path, about half way between the parking lot and the beach. 

So why not go to the beach for the day and let the stress roll off your shoulders. Have some fun, play in the water, build a sand castle, and make sure that your summer days are memorable