Polishing the Crystal

Kalia Kornegay, Reporter

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The Crystal Mall in Waterford is one of the most popular places for local teenagers and families to visit. The many stores, variety of restaurants, and location make it the success that it is today.

However, the mall recently went through a large make-over. The project was to give The Crystal Mall a new, updated décor. Final revisions are being made now and the mall should be completed by the end of the month. With the mall mostly done, visitors can’t help but admire the modern look.

Sophomore Katie Manley said, “There’s no real specific part of the mall that I like the most; the update has made the mall look better in general.”

Manley later went on to detail how much she liked the increased space in the hallways and stairs. The space made it so that bumping into people doesn’t happen as often.

Although not many new stores are open currently, there are a few set up to open in the near future. A cupcake shop and a Best Buy mobile are set to open by late April.

An aspect of the new mall that is appealing to the teenage crowd is the seating areas located around the mall. Couches and chairs have been set up in areas of the mall that are for its visitors’ convenience.

“I like the sitting areas a lot. Before the construction there weren’t a lot of places to relax besides sitting in the food court. Now my friends and I can sit on the couches and just talk,” said sophomore Allyson Magistri.

Sophomore Chloe Johnson said, “I didn’t really like the old Food Court because it looked old and the seating wasn’t very comfortable. Now, the new Food Court makes it easier to relax with friends. The design looks much better too.”

The mall’s new look has so far been a great success and with new restaurants like Yellowbird Cupcakes and Buffalo Wild Wings the re-designed Crystal Mall is sure to do well.

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