Changes in Thanksgiving Holiday

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Changes in Thanksgiving Holiday

Katie Welch and Paige Miller

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Everyone knows the typical Thanksgiving origin story. The Pilgrims came, the Native Americans welcomed them, and they feasted. But who was it that found this one feast so important to make it a holiday lasting for centuries and more?

Most people forget that Thanksgiving does actually have a meaning, it is not just an excuse to abandon their diets and devour a table full of food. Presidents like George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison designated days to celebrate the Thanksgiving feast, however, they did not make it an annual holiday. That was not established until 1863 during the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln granted Americans this festive day as an official holiday to take place on the last Thursday of every November.

According to some students, Thanksgiving has changed and transformed significantly from the past, even throughout their own lives. Sophomore Harrison Searle said, “Thanksgiving used to be full of traditions and reuniting families. Nowadays, unfortunately, I believe that many families do not choose to pursue the day to get together with their whole family, and instead choose to be thankful for their friends and personal hobbies.”

Junior Erin Patten stated, “I think back before I was born it was a lot more about family and centered around being together. I feel like Black Friday has taken that aspect away from the Thanksgiving celebration because now it’s all about that.”

Thanksgiving has changed over time is because people are focusing more on materialistic things, rather than being with family.

However,some people have seen positive changes in the holiday.

Sophomore Ellie Lokken expressed a different stance, however. Lokken said, “Well, when I was younger I didn’t really get the full point of Thanksgiving and I really only liked it because I got to see my awesome cousins and ate good dessert. Now, I appreciate spending time with my cousins and other family members that I don’t have full meals with often. It’s kind of become more relaxed over the years, but it’s still really fun.”

Another positive change is the extension of including friends as family and the Friendsgiving holiday that began in 2009 with unknown orgins.

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