Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Lytle

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Lytle

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

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We all recognize Mr. Lytle as the chill, music-loving English teacher who never fails to talk about social issues or John Lennon when given the chance. However, despite his open nature, his private side is an enigma to students.

We decided to sit down with Lytle and discover more about what lies behind the beard, uncovering some pretty surprising secrets that some would never expect. While there were many interesting facts to share, we chose to share the most interesting ones.

  1. Reading was not always his thing


Perhaps the most surprising tidbit of information gathered was the fact that Lytle confessed to not always being the most avid reader. He said, “I did not begin reading a lot until my twenties.” Originally, Lytle had planned to become a sports anchor, due to his love of baseball, but chose to pursue a career in English after his love of music inspired him to learn more about the language of his favorite songs.

  1. He frequents concerts regularly

It’s no secret that Mr. Lytle loves music, but the extent to which he enjoyed live concerts came as quite a shock. Lytle believes, “There is nothing more unifying than concerts. I thrive on improvisational music, I like not knowing what the band will do next.” Preferring rock over all other genres, Lytle has been to over 100 concerts, including 40 to 50 Dave Matthews Band and Phish performances.

  1. He plays a mean a guitar

During high school, Mr. Lytle began playing the acoustic guitar, and hasn’t stopped since. He mentioned always loving the sound of the acoustic guitar, partially due to the fact that all of his favorite musicians tended to be guitarists. He was drawn to the fact that “the guitar could be played alone, in better ways than other instruments.” Despite never being in a formal band, he tended to get together with friends during his high school days and play to his heart’s content, continuing to practice in his free time today.

  1. He’s a former resident of the Rockies

After completing a degree at Quinnipiac University, Lytle moved out west to Colorado, where he lived for three years working in sales. During this time, he lived in both Boulder and Denver, and spent a lot of his time skiing and going to concerts. When asked what prompted him to move, Lytle stated, “It was the only time in my life where I knew I could just pack up and go. I didn’t have a wife or kids to worry about.” Mr. Lytle fell in love with Colorado, and even hinted that he would still be out there if his family hadn’t decided to stay in Connecticut.

  1. Bartending led him to his wife

 Lytle told us that he and his wife met while bartending at the same restaurant in Rhode Island. While Mr. Lytle admitted loving bartending, he recently retired from the bar last summer in order to focus more on his teaching career. He felt that bartending was a great job that got him through college, but “wasn’t something he wanted to be doing forever.”

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