How to get through the end of a quarter in one piece

Coloring pages such as this one can help relieve stress.

Coloring pages such as this one can help relieve stress.

Kate Porter, Reporter

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As the quarter comes to a close, opportunities to stress out and panic are just opening up.

Some teachers are cramming in tests and a number of essays to write seem endless, but there is a light at the end of this homework-filled tunnel. Everyone has their own strategies to use when times get tough, but some may be more effective than others. Obviously, one strategy will not work for everyone, but it is important to know what works for you and how you can succeed when it seems like the whole world is fighting against you.

Everyone knows procrastination isn’t an effective coping tool. However, sometimes it feels like avoidance is the only way to get through the day. As tempting as it is, refrain from ignoring the pile of assignments sitting on top of your writing desk and try to get the tedious work out of the way in advance.

“ Getting my work done early definitely helps me feel less stressed,” said senior Kara Porter. “I used to put things off a lot, but I have more time to myself and I feel more relaxed.”

Although procrastinating can cause more trouble than good, sometimes taking a short break when work becomes overwhelming can result in better concentration and relaxation. Even just a 10-minute break between assignments can work wonders, and what you choose to do within that break is limitless.

“I just take out my phone and go on social media or text my friends,” sais senior Alexis Elbaum. “I watch videos on YouTube, too. It just gives me something to look forward to. Like, if I finish my math homework, I can use my phone for five minutes. I give myself little goals to reach.”

Art has always been recognized as a relaxing activity that should be practiced by those who struggle with stress and anxiety. In the past couple of years, adult coloring books, also known as therapeutic coloring books, have grown in popularity due to their ability to relieve stress and allow the artist to feel accomplished. Even just doodling random patterns on a plain piece of paper can reduce anxiety, and in the end, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art.

“Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed I start putting dots on a piece of paper in different patterns,” said senior Haley Pasqualini. “I used to do it unconsciously, but now I do it whenever I need to get my mind off of things that stress me out. I have just about ten pages full already!”

For those who are more active, getting outside and working up a sweat relieves stress as well. After exercising, the brain releases endorphins, which are natural pain and stress fighters, that leave us feeling happier and more energetic, so when it comes time for homework, you’ll be able to get it done easily and efficiently.

My go-to’s are hiking and fishing,” said Jack Dombrowski, “They’re the two most relaxing, yet intense, activities in the world.”

The next time you’re plainly staring at calculus homework or sitting in front of a computer screen and wondering if all of the stress is worth it, remember this: You will get through the day, the week, the year, and, if you’re a freshman, you will make it through high school. Homework does take up a lot of time, but finding the proper coping strategies will make school easier and more enjoyable. Have fun with friends, make memories, and work hard. Make these four years count!

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