How to help hurricane victims

Avery Collet, Reporter

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This year, numerous hurricanes have affected the Caribbean and parts of the US, causing devasting destruction. Many buildings, homes, and other personal property have been destroyed. Luckily, there are some ways that people can get involved by helping these hurricane victims.

There are drives and fundraisers on that are accepting items like canned food and water. Jordan Fire House set up a drive to send bottled water to people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They got about 7,000 donations of cases of water.

Senior Jack Dombrowski,  a Jordan Fire Department volunteer, said: “I was amazed at how the community came together to help.”

There is usually always something going on in your community that you can get involved with. So do some researching and get involved with a drive that is closest to you.

Another way people can get involved is to donate money to victims. There are numerous ways to find out where and how you can donate money. Whether you hear about ways through your favorite celebrities or through the news, doing some research on your own is beneficial as well. There are many charities that are accepting money for hurricane victims as well as plenty of GoFundMe pages that have been set up.

Donating blood is also a good way to help hurricane victims. Many people get injured during natural disasters and some are in need of getting surgery. Of course, you have to make sure your blood is able to be donated and to make sure your blood is actually getting to the right place. Going along with donating, donations of clothes would be appreciated. People have quite literally lost everything to their name and clothes are definitely a necessity.


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How to help hurricane victims