WHS Year in Review

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WHS Year in Review

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WHS Year in Review

2019 marks another great year in the books for Waterford High School. The school has accomplished big things across all grades and departments. Waterford has a lot to celebrate.


Boys Basketball

For the second year in a row, the boys basketball team won both the ECC and State Championships. They played at Mohegan Sun and attracted a large crowd who tirelessly cheered throughout the whole game. Senior Liam Spellman says, “We were one unit, not a group of individuals.” This brotherhood allowed them to successfully win game after game this season. The team couldn’t have asked for a better ending and they look forward for what’s to come next year.


25th Anniversary Dance Party

Paula MacDougall celebrated 25 years as the head of Waterford’s dance club! Dance club started in 1995 with around 25 members. Over the years, it took off and at one point, she had over 67 members. MacDougall shares, “I am delighted to have completed twenty five years. I am happy to give students an opportunity to be part of a big show, no matter what level of dance they are in.” For this year’s show, dance club managed to have huge audience participation in the finale where everyone got to stand up and dance along. MacDougall adds, “It is especially fun to see the excitement of the boys in the junior piece. So to all you boys out there reading this, if a junior girl asks you to be their partner, just say yes. Trust me you will have the most fun ever!”


First Disney Drama Production

This year WaterforDRAMA put on their first Disney show, attracting the second largest audience in the program’s history. For three nights, the cast and crew worked hard to bring a fairytale to life, and they received praise for their performance. Jack Lange, who played LeFou, said, “It was great being able to bring the characters that I grew up with to life on stage and to be part of such an amazing cast and crew.”


Prom at a Castle

The class of 2019 managed to host enough successful fundraisers to book their senior prom at a castle. According to class council advisor, Mrs. Baumgartner, this will be the first senior prom hosted at a castle, as far as she’s aware. On June 1, seniors will be gathered at Bill Miller’s Castle for one epic night. The castle boasts an exquisite interior and has plenty of places to take beautiful pictures. The class council is beyond excited to end the year on such a positive note at an elegant venue. Their “Enchanted Evening” theme will be one to remember for years to come.


Print newspaper

This year the journalism class brought back the print newspaper after eight years. The class worked hard to write articles that appealed to the whole school and included many great photos. The school newspaper wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a gracious grant from the Waterford Education Foundation. The Lancelot has plans to ramp up production next year too. Journalism is a great class for all levels of experience and provides a friendly environment for all its students.  


Art Mosaics

The art department and art classes came together to create over 150 mosaics that will be going to Avery Point this summer. Guided by Mrs. Concascia, these mosaics were made to be a part of the cognitive garden at Avery Point that will last for generations. Concascia expressed, “It was a great opportunity for students to be involved in something much larger than themselves.” Along with several other neighboring high schools, Waterford created beautiful works of art that will all be seen at the garden.  Currently, there is art displayed in the school library and next to the guidance office for all to see.

Check out https://cognitivegarden.averypoint.uconn.edu for more updates and pictures!

Waterford High School had an amazing year thanks to its teachers and students. It’s important to rejoice in the things the school has accomplished. From arts, sports, and academics, this year was a special one.

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