Waterford High School Visited By Save a Life Tour


Owen Seltzer, Layout Editor

Waterford High School was recently visited by the Save A Life Tour, which seeks to promote safe driving practices to reduce accidents.The speaker, Michael Campbell, spoke about the dangers of impaired driving, highlighting how a brief lapse of judgement, even just a few seconds could result in serious injury not only to yourself, but to others as well. The speaker told a personal story of a close friend who tragically lost their life in an accident and showed a video of a young and innocent boy who fell victim to a distracted driver and lost his life.

After the presentation, the tour included the use of two driving simulators to show students the dangers of driving while either distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In one simulation, students had to hold a cell phone and try to respond to texts while driving on the road. In the other, students wore a virtual reality headset and had to drive around for three minutes as impairment levels steadily increased, making driving harder and harder. Everyone eventually crashed, nobody made it through all three minutes. The simulations were made available to all juniors throughout the day, and seniors could also stop as well. Altogether the presentation and simulations were entertaining, funny, saddening, and thought-provoking, and certainly helped to make the roads of Waterford a safer place.