Journey Into High School

Journey Into High School

Kayla Johnson, Reporter

While half of freshmen are worrying about meeting  the expectations they learned from watching classics such as “Mean Girls” and “Drake and Josh,” that convey the idea that if you don’t follow certain social norms people won’t like you. The other half of students know the real deal. These students are the ones who are calm and know that you should take life one day at a time. They know not to stress on the future, but instead, take a deep breath and go with the flow.


Once the first day came and everybody arrived at school the uneasiness seemed to disappear for everyone. It was a normal first day of school like any other, you know, despite the fact of that miserable thing lurking in the corner called coronavirus. Even though COVID-19 is real and we all have a potential to spread and catch it, educators have found a way to create a safe environment for faculty members, students, and families. 


However, even with the adaptations to these zoom meetings, new schedules, new school, new teachers, new people, new everything, the freshmen have continued to adjust just fine along with the help from district administrators and many others. The teachers welcomed us very graciously and made us feel comfortable as have the upperclassmen. Administrators and teachers remind us to follow health safety codes. such as using the designated hand sanitizers and giving us mask breaks to give us some time without the wretched things. 

In the start of our high school journey we have had a good experience so far and hopefully it stays this way. With luck, everyone’s health will become better and we get to experience homecomings, spirit weeks, and proms. Just the idea of everybody playing sports in a normal environment again would be amazing.


The transition from middle school was pretty smooth, I mean shouldn’t it be? Those three years of preparing weren’t actually for nothing! The workload we receive now isn’t too scary, the classes aren’t that overwhelming, and the upperclassmen aren’t mean like how they are depicted. We even have the chance to join so many new sports and clubs that are offered! What seemed nerve-wracking wasn’t at all and this four year journey isn’t seeing too bad, in fact, it’s invigorating!