When Exciting is an Understatement

Naty Bush

It is raining; the temperature is dropping. The girls’ field hockey team is playing against a school that their team hasn’t won against since they were born. Calling this situation tense would be an understatement.

They kept their defense high to have a score of 1-1 by the end of regular time, so the two teams had to go into overtime. All the teammates could think about was returning home to warmth. At this point, it was pouring heavily. “It was torrential downpour,” as senior Jodi Weiss described it. They never could have expected the outcome.

“North Branford was really upset when we won, considering we won 2-1 in overtime and they had never lost to us,” sophomore Isabel Cavalieri explained. Even the coach joined the team as they celebrated for the rest of the evening.

“We hadn’t scored against them in 16 years! Going in overtime made it all worth while. It’s hard to explain the joy we experienced,” Weiss said.

This game was a true example of unity and school spirit. The team did not feel hindered by the rain and the tough team they were playing against. Instead, they kept fighting to beat the odds.

“It was really cold, but we all managed to stay positive,” Cavalieri said. “Our team chemistry really held us together throughout the game, and it led us to the win!”