Claudia Blazquez, Girl’s Soccer


Anna Schleck, Sport's Editor

Claudia Blazquez is a senior on the Girl’s Soccer team. I interviewed her in October ahead of her final stretch of games.

Why do you play soccer?

Soccer brings me happiness. It is what I love to do. I want soccer to be a part of my life forever & always. I am forever grateful to the game for allowing me to experience amazing opportunities, meet new people, travel around the East Coast, & make lifelong memories. Soccer has helped shape me into the person I am today, & without it I do not know where I would be. 

When did you first start playing?

When I was three years old I started playing premier soccer with South Central Premier. I’ve played ever since. I’ve been playing for 14 years. Now, I play for Southeast Soccer Club. 

What does your normal playing schedule look like?

For high school, we usually have practice every day for an hour and a half. We have two or three games a week. For Southeast Soccer Club, we have practice Tuesdays & Thursdays. We have games on the weekends. We have tournaments throughout the year. Usually they are up to 4 games. They can be as close as Massachusetts, or the farthest we’ve been is Florida. 

How do you manage being a student and an athlete?

I always put academics before athletics. When I get home from school or practice, I sit down & do my homework. I find the time to get everything done. I am very organized & like to get things done on time. It’s difficult, but it’s manageable. 

As a senior, how have you mentored the younger players on your team?

I was named Captain this year. I try my best to be the best example for all the girls on the team. Being a leader is a huge responsibility, since every girl is looking up to you for guidance. I talk to the girls about how they can improve their skills & get to the next level. If they ever have any issues, either in soccer or in school, I do my best to help them out. I bring my energy to the field everyday & talk the girls up in our pregame huddles to get them going. I want the team to succeed in the future & continue to represent Waterford High in a positive manner.

What are you going to miss the most about playing at WHS?

I will miss the school spirit. Being able to put on a jersey & know that an entire town is behind you rooting for you to succeed is huge. I’ll miss Lancer Nation for sure. School pride is very important to me. I’ll miss being a Lancer

What are your goals (no pun intended) for the end of the season?

I would like to have the team make a good run in the ECC & State tournaments. I would be honored to receive All-ECC & All-State honors. 

Are you planning on playing in College?

I would love to play in college, however I am more focused on my academics. If I am not recruited, I plan to play club.