Ryleigh Gonyo, Volleyball


Ryleigh Gonyo attempts a kill in Waterford's game.

Anna Schleck, Sport's Editor

Ryleigh Gonyo, a senior captain on the Volleyball team has made her impact known on the court this year. Ryleigh who started playing volleyball in 7th grade says, “It is the best sport that I have played and I love everything about it. Not only does it keep me challenged but it is so much fun and getting to play with my friends is the best.” Ryleigh who has played all four years on the Volleyball team, looks back on her time with fond memories. She says, “I am definitely going to miss playing with all my best friends. I have been playing with my friends since middle school and it is going to feel weird never stepping on the court with them again.” When asked how she wanted to be remembered Gonyo said, “I want to be remembered by the younger athletes as a role model and somebody that they looked up to. I know when I was a freshman, I looked up to the seniors a lot and I wanted to be just like them when I became a senior. I want the younger girls to feel the same way.” Ryleigh’s leadership has been recognized by the ECC as she has earned athlete of the week, and earned MVP of the ECC tournament where Waterford won.

Gonyo values the importance of being a student athlete. When asked how she manages being a high level athlete and a student, Ryleigh said, “It can be very challenging at times, but I make sure that I take advantage of my study halls and do all my homework there because I know I won’t have time at home.” In terms of her future, Ryleigh says, “Depending on what college I go to, I would like to play Division 3 volleyball so that I can put my academics first and volleyball second.” As her high school career draws to a close, Ryleigh reflects on the meaning of being a part of Lancer Nation, “Being a lancer means supporting everybody and always being there for the other athletes. The thing I love about WHS is that we all are a unit and we support each other so much.” Ryleigh, her teammates, and Lancer Nation will represent Waterford Volleyball on Saturday, November 23, when the eleventh seeded Lancers take on first ranked, Seymour High School, in the CIAC Class M state championship game.