Sabrina Chhorn, Cheerleading


When did you start cheering?

I started youth cheer in third grade, continuing up until 7th grade. Summer going into freshman year I picked it back up again and it’s been amazing ever since.

What do you love about cheering?

There’s an element of teamwork unlike any other. Contrary to popular belief, cheerleading is a physically demanding sport. What makes it extra special to me is the aspect of performance. There’s something extremely gratifying about having an outlet to showcase all of our hard work, and that is what competitions allow for. 

As a senior, what have you enjoyed most about this season?

This season by far has the best team bond. Sometimes we bicker, but it’s inevitable when we spend so much time together. The team is a tight-knit family, and there is a sense of “esprit de corps” because we all want the team to succeed. It’s nice knowing that everyone is putting in 110% and that we can depend on each other.

How do you manage being a student-athlete?

Admittedly it is difficult, but I try my best to manage my schedule in such a way that I can delegate my energy efficiently. On my busiest days, I stay at the school from 7 am until 9 pm due to school, dance club, cheer practice and the occasional game. Sometimes I feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but I understand that it is my responsibility to balance academics and my commitments. To sum it up, a lot of crying and late-night homework cram sessions.

What is your favorite memory from cheering at WHS?

It’s hard to pick one, so I’ll sort of cheat by saying each time we won ECCs. The first year we did so, in my sophomore year, was a pivotal moment for our team. From not even placing the year before to winning that one and then the next two, it’s been an amazing ride. Something that always sticks with me each time is the tears of joy that are streaming down everyone’s faces.

What are you going to miss about WHS?

I’ll miss the people the most. Not just my friends, but my coaches, teachers, people who shaped who I am today. It’s going to be hard leaving behind an amazing support system.

Where do you plan to attend college and will you be cheering there?

I’m not exactly set in stone as to where I am going, but wherever it is I’d be willing to. I’m unsure if I’d continue to competitively cheer, frankly I’m not sure if my body can handle it by then. I’d say it depends on the college and how strong the cheer program is there.

How do you hope to be remembered?

Hardworking and dependable. Anyone can be on a team, but it’s another thing to be a part of the team. The distinguisher is the amount of effort you put into what you do, and that in turn lets people trust that they can depend on you. It’s comforting to know if you are trusted, it’s a signifier of being “the best you you can be”. Also being remembered at all would be nice. Was that last comment too depressing?

What is it like to be a part of Lancer Nation?

It’s like being a part of a family. A loud, all-blue, blended family. We get to support our school in our own ways and spread school spirit. It’s also awesome when Lancer Nation shows their support for us (cheer) too, so support goes both ways.