Waterford Boys Basketball: rebuilding a championship team


Lillie Abramowicz, Reporter

Waterford basketball has been crowned champions back-to-back the past two years. Earning the ECC and State Championship titles, Waterford now has to rebuild their dominating team once again. Former all-stars such as Nolan Long, Mikey Busscetto, Liam Spellman, and JJ Brennan have set high standards for Waterford basketball, and those standards remain high this year.


Other teams in the Eastern Connecticut Conference have been nipping at Waterford’s heels for years. Many rivalry games have come to a close match, but few were lucky to surpass a team like Waterford’s. Coach Bill Bassett stated that he had “about 7 star players” that kept the team together in previous season. He has now observed capable players that can play those leading roles.


Key factors that have kept Waterford on-top are intense practices and consistent teamwork, “Practices are always game-like” says senior, Robert Zawacki. The start of the season may not always have the outcome that spectators may expect. Now at a 2-6 record, WHS basketball is improving. Bassett is confident about his players’ abilities, he states “This team has taken a couple of games to find their identity,” he says. Not every game is going to have the outcome we expect, no matter a win or loss. In order to improve, practices are always treated game-like, everything is always critiqued and performed at high-intensity. Bassett states “When you start focusing on the little things that other teams may not value as being significant, that’s when you start to make a real difference,” he says. 


Still early in the season, Bassett’s team is already on-top of improvement. For what makes a championship team, Bassett states “A team’s attitude, always. It’s the name on the front of the jersey, not on the back” he says. A positive attitude within the chemistry of a team will always make the magic more efficient. In regards to the teamwork and chemistry, senior, Zawacki says “Everybody has a job on the team no matter how much they actually play” he states. No matter if your role is a starter, bench player, or a practice player, your presence on the team is crucial for everybody. 


The Lancers are on the road to success. They are focusing on practicing and perfecting the small factors that make them successful as a whole. Determination, practice, grit, and a little bit of luck will get this team right where they left off on a championship court.