Sports Senior Spotlight: Kendra Gregg


Kendra Gregg eyes the ball while battling the Whalers on Senior Night. The Lancers won 4-0 against the Whalers

Lillie Abramowicz, Reporter

After a pandemic that caused uncertainty for many students and student athletes. Waterford High School has worked very hard to keep the school running smoothly so their students can receive a reasonable education and to continue to play fall sports. Senior Co-Captain, Kendra Gregg, has been a four-year varsity starter for the high school soccer team and has been working her hardest to stay positive for herself and for her teammates throughout this trying time. After months of conditioning and hard work for her fall season, Gregg is ready to take on the fall season and play every game like it’s her last. Playing fall sports during a pandemic isn’t easy, and your next game is never guaranteed.

  • How long have you been playing soccer for?

I have been playing soccer for about 13 years now. I started at the age of four when I saw my older brother playing and it made me want to try. I guess I fell in love with it because I have been playing ever since. 

  •  What position do you play?

I play a holding midfielder, which is both midfield and defense. I love this spot but I do have an urge to move forward a lot. Which is why I also play attacking midfield and forward. This allows me to shoot and assist more. 

  •  What are key traits you hold as a player (what skills are you known for)?

I am known for my strength compared to opponents as well as my intense ability to boot [add meaning of “boot” here] a ball down the field. 

  •  What personality traits does soccer teach you as a person and a player?

Soccer teaches you to have a lot of patience, not with others but mostly with yourself. I think the most important thing that soccer has taught me is perseverance. I have been able to stick by a sport for 13 years even though it was hard, painful, and not fun sometimes. 

  •  How has soccer affected your life throughout your childhood?

It gave me a really strong group of friends that turned into family. From the age of six to eleven I played with the same girls on a travel team. They became my best friends. Without soccer, I wouldn’t have known half of them because we all went to different schools. 

  • If you could give advice to your freshman self, what would you say?
Kendra Gregg strikes a corner kick on Senior Night against New London. The Lancers overrode the Whalers to win 4-0.

“Work hard before instead of waiting until right before.” It is so much easier to go running and workout before the season starts than it is to go into six practices a week without doing anything.


  •  Favorite memory while playing soccer at Waterford High School?

My favorite memory has to be my best friend Lillie Abramowicz and I both scoring against Saint Bernards. We were both so hyped up and excited, we couldn’t be controlled that game. 

  •  What’s a soccer-related fun fact about you?

I have had five concussions due to soccer. And because of that I have to wear a concussion headband whenever I play. It is the ugliest thing ever but it protects the little I have left of my brain. 

  •  Do you plan on pursuing soccer beyond high school (whether collegiate, club, hobby, etc)?

I do play on a separate club team that plays in the spring. I will be playing my last season for them this Spring of 2021. I do not intend to play in college. I have been in touch with some coaches but my main focus will be school. If I do play soccer at the college of my choice that would be amazing but not a priority. 

  1. Who is your role model?

My role model is my mom. She is the strongest and most beautiful woman I have ever met. Her and I may butt heads every once in a while but she is the reason I work so hard to accomplish my goals.


Gregg has been awarded multiple accomplishments within the Eastern Connecticut Conference and the state. She has been considered a model athlete for the past four years playing for Waterford High School within the ECC. Many younger teammates look up to Gregg for her integrity, positive attitude, and hard work while playing, whether in practice or a game, she is always giving her best foot forward to give 110% whenever she plays.