Half-Time Show

Nylah Lloyd, Writer

Playing in Inglewood , the Los Angeles Rams took the win .  But Dr. Dre , Snoop Dog , Kendrick Lamar , 50 Cent , and Eminem all accompanied by the Queen of Hip-Hop soul herself , Mary J. Blige slayed at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show on Sunday. Backed with dancers dressed in all black, Kendrick Lamar showed a great representation of Black Beauty while performing one of his hits “Alright” and “M.A.A.D City.” Snoop Dog represented the West Coast by holding the crowd when performing “Still D.R.E” all while C- walking  and tagged along while Dr. Dre performed “California Love” to pay tribute to the late Tupac Shakur. Eminem performed “Lose Yourself” and took a knee to represent standing with the Black Lives Matter Movement like former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, while Anderson Paak performed on the drums. Mary J Blige took the stage in an all white and glitter bodysuit and thigh-high boot heels and her signature blonde hair performing “Family Affair” and  “No More Drama.” Lastly, 50 Cent was a surprise guest, hanging upside down, to represent his original stance in his 2003 music video while performing  “In Da Club.” 

This halftime show not only represented the culture in the West Coast of California, but also represented Black Excellence during Black History Month by bringing out these hip-hop and soul legends of different eras . Although the game is important , the halftime show is the main rave and brings the whole night together. This halftime show balanced celebration and peaceful protest all while serving good music . Although being more diverse , others saw this halftime performance as a “controversial topic” , because of the many views behind this racial battle going on in the world against police brutality and the oppression of Black people around the world. Many were also intrigued about Snoop Dogg’s wearing “gang-related” clothing during his performance . Although being seen as a controversial performance because of the representation of Black culture , many companies for their superbowl ads included black people and other cultures since there’s been a rise of interest  in cultural diversity. An unpopular opinion is that Black culture is being used in commercials for companies that sometimes don’t even support the Black Lives Matter movement in general but want the money of the black community they don’t support . The 2022 Super Bowl rebounded after a below par showing last year, 112.3 million viewers across its platforms, up 16.5 percent on 2021’s NFL superbowl.