Featured Athlete: Elliot Childs

Emerson Lane, Sports Editor

What is your favorite moment with your team this season?

  • ECC was my favorite moment because it was my last match and we all got a lot of medals, we had a lot of fun, and everyone did well to end the season.

How is this season different from the last season?

  • This season was better as a team. We all did better and for me I placed higher than last year and all my times were better. I had to interact with my team more since I was a captain. The whole thing was very nice since this year I got the whole experience.

What is your goal for your upcoming senior season?

  • My goal is to win states. It would be nice and maybe as a team win ECC and it would be cool. As a team, to have more fun and get more freshmen and sophomores to try out since it’s a fun experience.

What has led you to playing this sport in high school?

  • Since I was young I’ve always been fast and now playing at this level everyone is also very fast so it’s very good competition and everyone has a lot of fun doing it. Since everyone is giving their best and you all track how much you improve throughout the season.

What is your favorite match/game/meet/competition? Why?

  • My favorite meet was states when I came in fourth which I was content with. I was happy to make it to finals and overall it was a good day.