Featured Athlete: Noah Westkott

Emerson Lane, Sports Editor

What is your favorite moment with your team this season?

  • My favorite moment is when we beat NFA at home on their senior night.

How is this season different from the last season?

  • This is not as good a season as previous since we lost a lot of seniors. Which is rough because some of them were the better swimmers on the team. Which left us in a bad spot where we were not doing as well as last year.

What is your goal for your upcoming senior season?

  • For my senior season I want to qualify for state opens, currently I don’t know where I am but when I get to the states meet I can figure out what I need to do to qualify next year.

What has led you to playing this sport in high school?

  • My mom initially led me to this sport since she is a swim coach at the Coast Guard and I was just forced into it when I was young and have been swimming ever since.

What is your favorite match/game/meet? Why?

  • My favorite meet was ECC last year where I placed top 5 in the breast stroke and our relay was in the top 3.