Featured Athlete: Bella Kimball

Emerson Lane, Sports Editor

What is your favorite moment with your team this season?

  • My favorite moment with my team is when everyone came up to me to check online and I was informed I made the state open. Which I’ve never made over my 4 years at the high school and it’s upcoming this weekend. It should be really fun because it has lots of people who have worked very hard for what they want. But it’s crazy since this is my last season but ending like this made it very fun. 

How is this season different from the last season?

  • This season was a little slower compared to the last. I feel like I didn’t run as much as previous seasons and workout as much as I should have. I think our new freshmen and captains have made it fun and a positive experience and on our toes when we do things since we definitely do have some negative people on the team.

What is your goal for your upcoming outdoor season?

  • My goal for the outdoor season is to try and make it to states. Which shouldn’t be too hard since I’ve made it to states for all of the events I’ve stayed consistent with. But otherwise help the freshman throughout the season to have a positive mindset and help uplift them. Since the majority of them don’t make it too states but over the years the main goal is to do this for their improvement.

What has led you to playing this sport in high school?

  • I played basketball and soccer in middle school at St. Joseph since they only offered those. And I realized over the years I was too fast for the ball and ended up embarrassing myself when playing. So my freshman year here I tried track once it was an option to me and I just fell in love being able to run and be a part of a team where I can also work individually hard. 

What is your favorite match/game/meet/competition? Why?

  • I really liked the Ledyard relays because it was only relays the entire day which is my favorite event (4×100). But it also gave a lot of the throwers an opportunity to run and we just all had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.