An Interview with Mrs. Lloyd


Mrs. Lloyd, sitting in her office.

Emma Schleck

This year there have many new staff and faculty members who have joined the administrative team at WHS. One such person is Mrs. Lloyd, our new guidance counselor. Mrs. Lloyd has come to the high school this year from the middle school, and will be taking over the duties of Ms. Chen, whose departure to the middle school is surely felt by all. As Mrs. Lloyd will be working with many of us students over the course of this year and hopefully many more, it is important that we get to know her!

Q: “Please tell us a bit about yourself! Any children or pets? Favorite things?”
A: “I have two elementary-aged daughters but no pets. I also enjoy being a Girl Scout leader for both of my daughters’ troops. My favorite month is October, because my oldest daughter and I both have birthdays a few days apart and Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child.”
As for schooling, Mrs. Lloyd attended WHS, as did her mother. Her grandmother used to work here at WHS as well. “Also,” she adds, “Ms. Moger was my psychology teacher my senior year of high school.” Mrs. Lloyd graduated from Wheelock College, which has recently merged with Boston University, and she comments that her dorm room was located so close to Fenway Park that “I could hear the crowd cheers or any of the concerts that were playing.” Loving Boston so much, she “moved across the river to Cambridge to attend Harvard Graduate School of Education for their counseling program.” This is her eighth year working for Waterford Schools.

Q: “What sparked your interest in guidance work?
A: “Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to do something that helped others. I know this sounds super cheesy, but I don’t feel happy unless I am making a difference in my community. In college, I couldn’t decide between being a teacher and being a therapist. I felt school counseling was the perfect way to merge those two careers together.”

Q: “Why did you choose to come work with the high school? What are you most looking forward to this year?”
A: “I have worked with adolescents as a child life specialist at a pediatric emergency room in Boston and as a home-based therapist. This is my first year working as a high school counselor. I always love learning from new people and new experiences. While I am really missing the other counselors and my teacher friends at Clark Lane, I am excited to bring my perspective and ideas to the WHS team.”
“I am excited to be reunited with the freshman and senior classes, since I worked with them both previously at Clark Lane Middle School. I am also really looking forward to meeting the sophomores and juniors.”

Q: “I’m sure many juniors and seniors are a bit confused on what they are supposed to be doing this year as they prepare for their futures. What tips do you have for organizing college things and managing stress?”
A: “The high school counselors have put together different lessons and tools to help support you all through this exciting but stressful time! We are breaking things up into manageable steps so that everything isn’t so overwhelming. While it is certainly important to think ahead, make sure you are also taking time to be present! Disconnect from technology, take a hike, bake, play an instrument, read, play a sport, and more.”
Q: “Finally, what is the best way to set up a meeting with you? (When should we meet in person versus inquiring through an email?)”
“The school counselors are asking students to email Ms. Leslie to set up an appointment. If something is urgent and you really need to talk, you are still welcome to come down. My door is always open and Ms. Leslie knows how to find me if I am not in my office.”

Let’s give a warm welcome to Mrs. Lloyd this year, as she will be working hard with all the grade levels to keep all of them focused and stress free throughout the year as we work towards our future goals. To all the juniors and seniors, make sure to make appointments with their guidance counselors if they are feeling overwhelmed or stuck, especially now during this stressful time. I also encourage the freshmen and sophomores to visit their guidance counselors when they need it. It’s never too early to build rapport!