Novus Magister Lingua Latina


Nylah Lloyd, Writer

Our Lancer Community is proud to welcome our newest member to the world language department, Nathan Wheeler.

Mr. Wheeler is Waterford’s latest Latin teacher. Wheeler aspires to broaden the horizon of those surrounding him. He wants to shift his students’ focus and break down cultural barriers, to help them comprehend the true demographics of both racial and cultural history of the Roman Empire. He believes that he cannot only make a difference by teaching, but he believes he can make a strong and positive impact on his student lives. Wheeler spends his time creating assignments not only to help his students practice their Latin terms but to create efficient ways of making learning fun. “Flexible, Fun, Historical , Creative, and Dedicated“, Wheeler stated when asked to describe 5 words to characterize himself as a Latin teacher. 

Wheeler majored in Latin and Classical Studies at the University of Vermont and also has a Master in Special Education in the ASL department from Eastern Connecticut State University.  Growing up in Preston, Connecticut with parents who were both teachers, his original career path was criminal law. He kept the idea of being a lawyer in his subconscious until the 6th grade when he started his first Latin courses. Once getting a sample of the fascinating, historic language he just couldn’t get enough.It was then he decided to continue his latin courses throughout highschools. Through the years he had three teachers who motivated him to take the language seriously. He feels he was destined to teach. Before joining the Lancers, he spent 9 years teaching at Norwich Free Academy. While at NFA, besides being an alumni and a graduate of 2008, Wheeler started coaching and teaching. He was also an assistant coach for the South Burlington Rebels, leading them into the state’s championship title in 2009. Wheeler not only enjoys Latin, Lacrosse, and teaching, but he is also a huge fan of Taylor Swift and enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones.

He recognizes key differences between the two schools, the majority being the student population and the downsize of the building & campus. Although missing the kids and staff he left behind; Wheeler proclaims, “I’m here for the long run and this is my home now ”. He will always be a Wildcat at heart but he’s excited to support the Lancers from here on out.