Who is Allison Mullane?


Nylah Lloyd, Writer

Allison Mullane has been one of the vice principals at Waterford High School since 2014. She had worked for 19 years at East Lyme as a psychology teacher prior to coming to Waterford High. After teaching for so long, she felt as though she was ready to move into administration and getting the job at WHS was a dream come true. When not under the building’s roof, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. “Family is the most important thing to me,” Mullane stated. She also enjoys going for walks and bike rides and being one with nature. Recently, she established a new hobby of woodworking and would love to get better at it. Although mostly spends her time within the halls of WHS, her favorite place is wherever her partner is, ideally somewhere in the sun.

She shared that she is inspired every day by those who stand up for what is right and live their lives as honestly as possible. She added that gymnast Simone Biles and congresswoman Liz Cheney are two of the many women she admires, due to their leadership. She especially admires Simone’s prioritization of her mental health . Although going on her 8th year as principal she continues to show her leadership in standing up against problems in our Lancer community, such as racism, sexism, and more.