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Healthy Living

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Lettuce dive right in, nothing beets being happy, healthy, and active. Healthy living is a lifetime endeavor because in order to live life to the fullest one must take care of themselves both mentally and physically. Throughout our years in high school and college, the brain and body continue to develop. It is incredibly important to eat healthy and  exercise regularly.


One problem many teenagers face with being healthy, is food and the food options they are given. It can be easy to buy things at fast food restaurants like McDonalds when they have a $1,2, and 3 dollar menu. Others believe it’s challenging because the foods bought at home do not fit their health needs and they don’t have the means to get to a grocery store and purchase things they want. Although, one way to start off with a healthy diet is by portioning foods better. Sophomore, Lillie Abramowicz says, “I focused on eating what I wanted, just focusing more on my portion control since that was my main problem to begin with.” If completely changing the foods at home is an inconvenience, it is easy to simply start being more food conscious. Paying attention to serving sizes and listening to when your body is hungry, are a few small things that can help to create a healthier mind and body.


Chloe Wilson, senior, also adds, that exercise is a great way to stay healthy. While as a teenager it can be difficult to find a ride to the gym she says, “There are plenty of exercises you can do at home or around your neighborhood that don’t require a gym membership. Even exercising a little bit daily is healthier than doing nothing at all.” With the warm weather coming up, it will be more enjoyable to go outside and do light activity as easy as walking the dog.


Of course, we understand that these lifestyle changes can be quite significant to some, and that’s why it’s important to remember that everyone is different and has different goals. Wilson explained that, “having a healthy lifestyle means something different for every person. Being vegetarian encouraged me to eat more vegetables and protein, but plenty of other people can live healthily on different diets.” It can be easy to get caught up in a fitness account on instagram and wonder how people got their body and are keeping it so “easily.” Any lifestyle changes, either small or big, take dedication. When making these changes though, it is essential to not compare yourself to others and focus on yourself.


Sometimes these diet changes and exercise routines take a while to form habit, but once you’ve began to treat your body more kindly, it is not only noticeable to yourself, but it is noticeable to others. Abramowicz believes that her lifestyles changes, “Have made me a lot happier person, due to myself being more comfortable in a body that I am in now, it feels good to recognize my progress I have made. It’s very rewarding and I definitely feel a strong achievement by completing personal goals.”   


When we are able to start to treat our bodies with respect and listen to our signals, we are able to give off positive energy that will attract others around us and encourage healthy living.

There is a simple solution to having a healthy lifestyle and it all comes down to the ability to be self aware. Being self aware allows us to effectively communicate with ourselves and listen to our bodies signals. As life goes on, we should never forget about the little things in life we can do to in order to take care of ourselves and live well. The next time you think of getting turnt, try to turnip to healthy veggies and a nice walk outside. Healthy changes can be big or small, and we all have the ability to start these habits and change our lives for the better.

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