What About the Eighth Graders?

Daniel Estrin

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As the class of 2023 prepares to enter high school, they were asked their thoughts about what their educational career would hold for them in a few months. Most responded with a thought that was shared by many when going into their freshmen year: more freedom, more homework.

The soon to be freshmen have expressed an even split of excitement, fear, and anxiety about their upcoming freshmen year, though stress is likely another feeling plaguing the 8th graders, judging by how many of their responses contained a comment about heightened workload and class difficulty.

The majority of the students surveyed are going to be attending Waterford High School, while only 8% of students surveyed will be going to either Grasso or the Marine Science School.

Most of the students feel prepared for next year, though some are unsure of themselves, and one student believes himself completely unprepared for what high school has to offer.

PE and History were listed as the classes most anticipated, each netting in over one third of the students surveyed, with English and science falling just behind that, and math at the bottom of the ‘core’ classes. Unfortunately, eight students believe their freshman year will be nothing but suffering, as they look forward to none of their classes.

The Class of 2023 knows that next year will bring change. Nia Boscon wrote, “I mean, it’s a whole new level of maturity and more homework- you can’t really slack off ever because grades are just important if not even more important, and you are basically preparing for college which is an even bigger step of your life. It’s just a whole new perspective with more people around you and more classes for you to take and new experiences to take in!” Another student, Lauren Santangelo, believes that “Teachers will expect a lot more from you. Whether it be behavior, or how well you work. It will also be a much bigger school, and lots more people.” A third student wrote, “I think that the different class times and lengths will be better, and only having each class every other day will definitely be a change. I play basketball, soccer, and track, so I know the high school teams will be very different from the middle school and town teams.

The thoughts of the coming freshmen would remind many of when they too were preparing themselves for the beginning of their secondary schooling. Though, they soon will realize, just as all others did, that high school is just another step on the rocky road of life. All they have to do is last for four years.

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