Dear Class of 2021…


Lillie Abramowicz, Reporter

With the Class of 2021’s typical senior year activities uncertain, students are getting creative for what they can look forward to to make the best out of this situation.

Spring Sports: as the CIAC announces expectations for Winter Sports in Connecticut, a lot of restrictions have been put in place to keep athletes and bystanders safe. With unfortunate news and unknown future events, many students look forward to opportunities that are open for them in the spring like spring sports: Baseball, Softball, Outdoor Track, Lacrosse, Tennis, and Golf. With advancements in Covid vaccines and outdoor settings, it is likely that spring sports will be pursued to their fullest extent according to Covid guidelines and precautions. Senior Connor Podeszwa looks forward towards his baseball season this spring. He has been surrounded by the game since he was very young as her father coaches collegiate baseball, he has always had quality experiences of the game. He says, “Going into every year, the expectation is to win a state championship,” says Podeszwa, “I think with the quality of guys we have on this year’s team, it’s definitely obtainable.” With last year’s spring season being cancelled, spring sport athletes are more than ready for hard work and success. Senior Anna Smith, now co-captain of the Girl’s Lacrosse team has been committed to the sport since age seven. Her dad coached her youth teams up until high school. “I am most excited for some normalcy in the spring,” Smith says, “it will be one of the only things us seniors are getting for our year.”

Spring Spirit Week: Waterford High School’s spirit week is something that students regularly enjoy. As WHS Spirit Week normally takes place in the fall time towards the end of fall sports, the rise in Covid cases and liability for safety has altered that plan for the fall. Instead, Student Councils are working to plan on a Spring Spirit Week. The activities will be modified according to Covid safety guidelines, but it is still a great opportunity for students to be creative and make the best out of this year.

Graduation: a day that all students look forward to. All of the hard work applied has now been all worth it. The plan for the Class of 2021’s graduation is still unknown, but their Class Council and faculty members are doing everything in their power to make it a good one. Once this day comes, make sure to pat yourself on the back…  this year has not been easy. The Class of 2020’s graduation was modified as a socially-distanced graduation ceremony with cars. Nothing is guaranteed or set in stone but with Covid cases now decreasing in Connecticut, it is likely that the Class of 2021’s graduation will look the closest to ‘normal’ it has looked in a while. 

College Decisions: May 1st is National Decisions Day where high school seniors choose where they plan to be for the next four years. This day is meant to honor the Class of 2021 for all accomplishments earned thus far. Make sure on May 1st you wear your official college gear, this day is meant to celebrate achievements and hard work.

College/Work: some look forward to their future after high school, some are unsure, and some dread it. Wherever you stand, it is still a very exciting and overwhelming time to be able to move onto the next step after high school.

Vaccines: now that the Covid vaccine has been approved and is now making its way around the globe, the future only looks clearer from here. The expectation from Ned Lamont is that Connecticut itself should be fully vaccinated by late summer/early fall 2021. Which gives high likelihood of those who plan on attending college and/or starting an internship/job having an easier time getting acclimated to future precautions with less fear and uncertainty from Covid cases. It is important to regularly follow Covid precautions until the virus is almost eradicated.

With a year like this, it is important to remind ourselves of the progress we have made thus far and all we had overcome in just a year’s time. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic in different manners, some being very relatable to one another. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, the Class of 2021 and the classes behind them deserve a lot of credit for their grit to make it through a year like this one. It does not go unnoticed.