Through the halls of Waterford High School

Nylah Lloyd, Writer

Through the halls of Waterford High filled with gossip, tears, homework, and low expectations. There is never enough time and strength to get through this high school.

 Walking in the hall, backpacks pushing against one another, shoulders clash, students laugh, and teachers standing outside of their classrooms watching their dignity stroll by. 

By the time you’ve taken your nap in history, it’s time for lunch. 

Different tables for different cliques.

 The lunch room filled with voices and lunch trays and janitors bickering and cussing about the lazy kids who didn’t pick up after themselves.

 Converse, Vans, dirty Air Forces all stomped down the staircases to reach class before the bell rings. 

Others rolled their eyes watching school couples holding hands in the hallways.

Gen – Z packed into one class is not just problematic but can be chaotic at times. 

Millennial teachers don’t stand a chance. 

Sexual Harassment is a slap on the wrist and Racism is covered with school spirit and extended advisories. 

ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety glamorized. 

Covid isn’t a priority, but mask up kids. 

Pajamas for those who don’t care for the dappers. 

Heads fill the auditorium for pointless midterm reviews.

 Freshmans cocky attitudes stink the hallways, Sophomores already ready to drop out, Juniors entitled to themselves, Seniors are still stuck in the years they missed. 

Nics, and Pens are essentials for bathroom breaks. 

Security’s random searches are more crucially standardized than tests.

Slumped, fights, bad parking, lunch reviews, bad posture. Waterford Instagram pages rising, exam scores decreasing. 

Guidance isn’t guiding but more of being an upstanding bystander . 

Make sure to get enough sleep but remember only after doing the 18 assignments due tomorrow. School shootings are the new norm, but fire drills are considered annoying.

What are your pronouns?  

Gender fluid’s and feminists are in charge. 

Tik-Toks in the staircase. 

Don’t stand up for yourself, unless you wanna be considered a threat.

We all have one main goal. A cap and gown and a diploma. 

Pay attention, fill out your study guides, and avoid as much as possible .

 Just another efficient day of high school on the Lancer’s turf.