The Top Five Most Haunted Places in Connecticut

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The Top Five Most Haunted Places in Connecticut

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

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Connecticut is one of the most historic states in the country. Considering it was founded almost 400 years ago, one can imagine that it has gathered a good amount of ghost stories over the ages. From abandoned sanatoriums filled with the cries of the damned, to eerie cemeteries home to ghostly apparitions, here are the top 10 most haunted, cursed, and demonically possessed places in Connecticut.

  1. Union Cemetery, Easton


Located right next to the Easton Baptist Church, the Union Cemetery has been named the most haunted place in Connecticut by many paranormal investigators, including the world-renowned Ed and Lorraine Warren. The pair visited the cemetery several times, and eventually ended up writing a book about their experiences there. The most notorious element of the cemetery is a ghost known as the “White Lady”, a dark-haired woman who often appears wearing a white dress. Witnesses have claimed to see her along the nearby highway, where she will walk in front of cars and get “hit”, only to disappear seconds later.

  1. Seaside Sanatorium, Waterford

An infamous haunted attraction, especially among locals, is Seaside Sanatorium. The aesthetically-pleasing buildings that sit along Long Island Sound have been visited by countless investigators, and has even appeared in an episode of “Ghost Hunters”. Built in the early 1900s as a place to treat children with tuberculosis, it eventually became a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s when overcrowding became an issue in other institutions. It didn’t take long for the place to earn a bad name; by the 1990s, there were several cases of severe abuse from hospital staff. In some instances, patients would end up dead under mysterious circumstances. Clearly, this treatment left behind some very troubled souls.

  1. Ledge Lighthouse, New London

New London Ledge Light is a solitary place; located in New London Harbor, the lighthouse is home to many strange phenomena, most notably the ghost of a keeper named Ernie. Despite the beautiful scenery and architecture that make up the lighthouse during the day, it becomes a much more sinister place once the sun goes down, with investigators reporting lights and electronics turning on and off, unexplained knocking and whispering, as well as doors shutting by themselves.

  1. Norwich State Hospital, Preston

The tales of violent abuse and cruelty that occurred at this century-old facility before its closing in 1971 have managed to horrify people ever since their creation, making the Norwich State Hospital one of the most famous haunted attractions in the state. Many patients were exposed to terrifying treatment, including beatings, starvings, sexual assault, solitary confinement, and even being packed in ice. Because of the horrors that went on here, it isn’t hard to imagine that many of the former residents are seeking revenge for the harsh treatment they had to face. People who visit the crumbling hospital have described seeing ghostly apparitions, orbs, objects moving on their own, as well as picking up disembodied audio on EVP recorders.

  1. Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown

The Fairfield Hills State Hospital is the spitting image of the typical “haunted” hospital, due to its classic architecture, underground tunnels, and of course, the long history of abuse and torment that looms over the institution. When in operation, the hospital staff treated patients using hydrotherapy, electroshock therapy, and even performed the notorious front lobotomy on occasion. Along with this horrific treatment came patient suicide, as well as a few “mysterious” deaths. The violent history that accompanies this hospital has attracted many tourists and paranormal investigators to rural Newtown, and has even led to some of the buildings being used on movie sets, such as the movie Sleepers and MTV’s “Fear”.

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