Art Department incorporates a national honor society

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

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The National Honor Society is a highly-selective nationwide organization dedicated to showcasing students who show extreme leadership, talent, and determination in their community. Waterford High School incorporates many of the National Honor Societies, including Spanish, French, Latin, as well as the International Thespian Society and Quill and Scroll Honor Society. While many can recognize that our school makes a number of the National Honor Societies available to students, for a long time, the National Art Honor Society was not included on this extensive list. This year, however, for the first time, students will be able to join the National Art Honor Society and express their creativity and skill.

With the importance of art dwindling in public schools across the country, art teachers April Brown and Shelly Concascia thought it would be a great idea to start a National Art Honor Society troupe at the school.

“Mrs. Concascia and I always wanted to start a club for enrichment for art kids, since there aren’t many opportunities for them around the school,” stated Brown, “We decided to do the NAHS instead of just a club because it’s a good thing to put down for colleges. It was a good thing to tackle this year.”

After committing to the idea, Concascia and Brown rounded up artistically inclined students who were interested in being a part of the society.

Many students wanted to join and gain experience, including senior Chloe Lacey, who said, “I’m hoping to improve my art style amongst other people with differences in mind. I really want a new perspective.”

While the National Honor Society puts emphasis on artistic skill, it also stresses how important it is to use art to help the community. Therefore, members of the NAHS will have to partake in artistic community service projects in order to fulfill their requirements within the Society. Club members have been brainstorming since the first meeting about what sort of community service they would like to do.

“We really want to do something for the women’s shelter in New London,” said Brown when asked what she is planning for upcoming projects. She also mentioned a program where the NAHS members would paint portraits of children in Africa, and then sell the portraits to raise money for an orphanage. “Everybody really seemed to like that idea,” reflects Brown. While nothing is set in stone yet, the teachers and students are hopeful that the projects done through the NAHS will really help to make a difference, both in our community and around the world.

Currently, the new NAHS members are designing a Lancer mural which will decorate the Field House lobby. The main motivation behind this was the lack of art located around the school, which many students wanted to change. Their passion and readiness to participate in this project clearly shows how much our school’s students appreciate art, and how we desperately need to expose more people to it.

Senior Matthew McKinzie stated, “Art is my form of expression. I think it’s essential to the school community; it brings new perspective and life into our society.”

Since it is only the first year, both teachers and members are still figuring out exactly how to run everything, but are confident that their actions through the National Art Honor Society will help our community and the world grow from an artistic standpoint.

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