Somebody to Lean On

Cassidy Susi, Editor

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“High school will be the best four years of your life” –says every adult to kids entering their freshman year. Sure, four years surrounded by a mixture of awkward teenagers may sound fun, but high school is also known for stress and drama. By senior year, every student can identify someone in the building who they can attribute a large portion of their success to. With only a few weeks left until graduation, members of the Class of 2019 reveal the person in Waterford High that they could not have finished high school without.

For Marcus Lovell, the first person that comes to mind is Marcus Elliot. This comes as no surprise, as the two were up for “Class Best Friends” during senior superlative nominations. Lovell states, “He’s my best friend and he’s a lot like me. We do a lot together.” In addition to their friendship within the walls of WHS, the two have also been lifelong teammates on various sports teams: “We played defense on the same side in football and locked the left side down,” Lovell explains.

Avery Albanese knows that he could not have made it through high school without Ben Podeswa, stating, “[Ben] has always been trustworthy and got my back.” The two are also student athletes and bonded over their love for soccer. Albanese laughs, “In soccer, someone kicked my legs out and tried to fight me, and Ben ran over and pressed him.”

A lot of things can happen in four years and having someone to lean on is important in high school. For Kate Mallove, Safa Danesh has been her “anchor.” “She’s stuck with me through it all,” Mallove comments. Danesh has also believed in Mallove and done whatever she could to make sure her best friend succeed. Mallove explains, “She pushes me to work harder and be a better student because she knows school is difficult for me.”

Classmates aren’t the only people in Waterford High that have made senior success possible. Many students attribute their diploma to teachers who have gone above and beyond to ensure that they reached their potential. Alex Fayan, for example, admits that he would not have been able to be where he is today without Mrs. Marchese. Fayan explains that the Spanish teacher helped him greatly with “adapting to high school.”

Senior Lili Stoddard, like many others at WHS, misses the encouragement and support of former math teacher, Ms. Zilluck. Stoddard reflects on one of the most challenging times of her high school career, when she tore her ACL and meniscus during her junior basketball season. The three-sport athlete says she could not have gotten through this injury without her teacher and assistant coach, Ms. Z. She states, “She helped me through so much with my leg. When I was struggling, she would tell me, ‘It’ll all come as it’s supposed to. Don’t rush it! When it’s time to move forward, you’ll know.’” Stoddard returned to sports the following basketball season as a captain, and just received All-ECC honors as a catcher for softball.

Whether it be a friend, teacher, or coach within the building, every senior has somebody that comes to mind when asked who got then through high school. For those still looking ahead on their upcoming years at WHS, remember that the connections you make with people in your time at Waterford High are extremely important in shaping your overall experience. Maybe, you will be the light that sparks success in someone close to you.

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