Opinion – Why the Anniversary of the Fukushima Disaster is Important

Diana Rice, Reporter

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A once beautiful town full of life, Fukushima Daiichi is now deserted. The damage is so bad, people are not allowed to go back into their homes because of the contamination. A disaster of this scale has not happened since April of 1986 from the Chernobyl meltdown disaster in Kiev, Ukraine.

March 11th marks the 6 year anniversary since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. A 50-foot tsunami (world-nuclear.org) ravaged Japan leading into a complete nuclear meltdown of one of Japan’s nuclear power plants, the water from the tsunami caused the power to go out and cut connections to the cooling towers which caused the water within the plant to overheat and cause a meltdown (world-nuclear.org). Because of the meltdown, Fukushima has been deserted by this catastrophe. This event seems to be rare, but this happens to a scary number of power plants around the world which leads to concern for the safety of life on earth.

Since this disaster, Mother Earth has been gravely affected. According to Rueters.com, since 2011, around 300 tons of radioactive waste and materials have been leaking out into the Pacific Ocean every day. This not only affects Japan, but this also affects America and the rest of the world. It is impossible to grasp the understanding of how our marine life has been affected. Fish and other marine species have been consuming the radioactive waste, they absorb the radiation, humans eat the radioactive fish and then absorb the radiation. This is a dangerous cycle that needs to be stopped while life in the ocean recovers from this devastation.

Why is this important to us all the way across the globe? In a word – Millstone. We live 10 miles within the danger zone of Millstone Power Plant. We need to raise awareness and safety of Millstone and how we will protect ourselves in the case of a meltdown, or an accidental leakage of radiation.

As citizens of Waterford, we need to educate ourselves about the danger of radiation and understand that just because this terrible disaster happened across the world, doesn’t mean it cannot happen here. Connecticut gets many hurricanes and storm surges. We need to make sure Millstone is safe and everyone in the danger zone knows where to go and what to do if in case an accident happens.



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