A Look Back With The Class of 2018

Kate Porter, Reporter

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After four fast, fun years, graduation is upon the Class of 2018. The attitudes of the students parting with the school they’ve come to know and love can only be described as bittersweet.

We’ve all made memories and friends here, but there are many more to be made in the future. The memories made in high school are carried forever, and make hilarious, touching, or even remarkable stories to tell later on to future friends and family.

Looking back on the past four years, it is safe to say that everybody has at least one regret, one crazy story to hold onto, and at least one hundred memories to carry with them for the rest of their lives. Although everybody’s high school experience is pretty similar to one another’s, the memories made are individual.

Most seniors this year participated in extracurricular activities. Being a part of a group and creating relationships with teammates are often what develop the best memories in high school.

“One of my best memories was making it to the state finals with my lacrosse team,” said Mackenzie Czyzewski. “They’re all my best friends and accomplishing something like that as a team is an incredible experience.”

Accomplishments in academics can also create great memories. One of the least popular pieces of high school are those that are related to grades, tests, and overall academics. It’s what causes the most stress throughout the four year period and could often make or break a high school experience. However, making the most of it could create a positive outlook on any academic situation.

“My greatest accomplishment was definitely passing my biliteracy test,” said Jennifer Merriman. “It’s something I had been working towards for years and I had my doubts, but when I passed I was overjoyed.”

Friends come and go throughout high school. They can make either the best memories or the biggest regrets, but all together, relationships in high school are a learning experience can be used for years and years after graduation. Most everyone has experienced drama at some point, which feels like it is the end of the world, but at the end of the day, it happens to everybody and it is natural.

“Some of my favorite memories were made with my friends, like at basketball or football games,” said Haley Pasqualini, “But I definitely regret all of the pointless drama that happened between me and my friends. Now that I look back on it, it all seems childish and useless.”

Although the Class of 2018 will be parting ways, creating new memories and making new stories to tell, it doesn’t mean we all have to forget about Waterford High School. The best four years of our lives have come and gone in the blink of an eye, but college will open up new doors, bring new friends, and will be some of the most fun, maybe even more so than high school.  Best of luck and congratulations Class of 2018!


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