Bringing Back the 90’s

Alexandra Silva

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Recently, there has been an extreme revival of the 90’s in the modern fashion industry, including feathers, distorted dresses, hippy modernism, and more. Fashion companies are starting the Spring season off with bold new ideas and colorful throwbacks.  


Head to Toe Neutrals

This trend is not necessarily a new thing, but monochrome neutrals are still the “new black” for the spring of 2019. Models walked the runway in various shades of tan, brown, and even white, for multiple clothing companies to reveal the new season line. The models include, Kendall Jenner and Cara DeLevingne, showing off the new trends for Max Mara, Tom Ford, and Burberry in February 2019.



The spring 2019 fashion show consisted of numerous pieces of fishnet material including fishnet hair pieces and dresses. Louis Vuitton, Altuzarra, and 1 Phillip Lim showed off the new idea through their fashion shows in early spring.



Polka dots are now mature and modern according to the new Dior spring line with new trend of dotted dresses, two piece dresses, and skirts. Feel free to add polka dots to any outfit, whether it is a headband or jumpsuit. Forever 21 and Aerie’s clothing lines consist of numerous items from the trend as well.   


Large Jackets

According to Vogue Magazine, “the spring season is about to consist of faux fur coats and leather jackets.” Adding texture to a wardrobe requires a fur coat or a cow print vest. Cheaper versions of the trend are available in Forever 21 and H&M.  



Bringing back the trend of the 70s, industries such as Vogue are popularizing patches on clothing for the spring season. Jeans, jackets, and denim including patches are the new black for the months of April and May. Denim patches are available at Michaels, or Joann’s Fabric. Feel free to collect the patches at multiple stores to customize clothing.


Start the new season off with unique new clothing trends at your local stores as well. Stores with similar items and cheaper prices include Forever 21, H&M, Hollister, American Eagle, and ModCloth.


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