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Jack Lange

Jack Lange

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(Video interviewees in order of appearance: Jack Thompson, Preston Tabor, Anthony Sharples, Maddie Myers, Enzo Guarnieri, Tori Kiefer, Abrielle Cunningham, George Hathaway, Annie Feliciano, Phi Kasem-Beg, Kassidy Gallagher)

When asked about what they plan to do after high school, seniors tended to be more elaborative. The freshmen had more general ideas, like Enzo Guarnieri who said he was “going to college.” Seniors like Abrielle Cunningham were more specific; she wanted to major in Communications while in college. Freshman Jack Thompson said he wanted to be a scientist, Preston Tabor said engineering, and Maddie Myers said she wanted to be a lawyer. Unsurprisingly, few freshmen were specific with their responses, but some, like Anthony Sharples and Tori Kieffer, were. Anthony said that he wanted to continue the family business and install sprinklers, and Tori wanted to play softball for Stetson University. These ideas, however, are likely to change.


Senior Phi Kasem-Beg used to be a history buff, but now she wants to go to an arts college to become a high-school art teacher. Another senior, Annie Feliciano went from wanting to be a tattoo artist to wanting to be a veterinarian while passing through high-school. Senior George Hathaway thought he would be going into law but is now in sports communications, and Kassidy Gallagher now wants to go on a road trip with her boyfriend after high-school. In the end, ideas are likely to change in high school, just like music taste, as you grow and learn about what you like and don’t like, this change is evident in these seniors and will likely be evident in the freshmen as well.


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