The Lancelot

2018-2019 Staff

Caleb Chadwick


Caleb Chadwick has just started journalism. Caleb enjoys playing sports, especially football and soccer.  He plays football for Waterford High School and lives with his parents and 5 of his 6 brothers and sisters. He has recently be...

Cassidy Susi


Cassidy Susi is a senior at Waterford High School and is currently employed at Recovery Restaurant in New London, Connecticut. She has played softball and field hockey for over a decade and has earned both All-Conference and ...

Abrielle Cunningham


Abrielle Cunningham is a second year journalism student and has a passion for writing. She would like to attend a college in a busy city and be a writer for a women’s magazine. One day she would like to attend New York Fashion...

Phi Kasem-Beg


Phi Kasem-Beg is a senior participating in her first year of journalism. She enjoys taking long walks on the beach, kombucha and chill, and criticizing capitalism. In the fall she swims on the Waterford Girl’s Swim Team, and she act...

Jessica Cochran


Jessica Cochran is a sophomore at Waterford High School. She lives in Waterford, Connecticut with her parents and her dog, Bear. She enjoys swimming in the pool, going to the beach, and paddle boarding in the summer. Jessica also enj...

Lillie Abramowicz


Lillie Abramowicz is a sophomore at Waterford High School enrolling in Journalism for the first time. Taking an extreme interest in photography, video production, and writing, she is ecstatic to apply her interests in the Jour...

Dan Estrin


Dan Estrin is an aspiring writer and swimmer. He has been swimming since he was four years old with butterfly being his favorite stroke. During his free time he enjoys writing long and complex stories, his favorite genre being...

Alexandra Silva


Alexandra Silva has been interested in journalism since freshman year when the school yearbook caught her attention. She has grown up in Waterford, CT and is passionate about writing. Alexandra enjoys playing tennis for Water...

Milan Patel


Milan Patel is a senior at Waterford High School and has been a vegetarian all his life (NOT VEGAN). He was born in Gujarat, India and moved to the U.S. at age six. He participates in a slew of extracurriculars. Milan also ho...

Jack Lange

Head of Web Design

Jack Lange: A sophomore at Waterford High School, he runs cross country in the fall and wrestles in the winter. He enjoys making low budget home movies and is tied up in several projects. An avid reader, his favorite genres are...

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