Sophomore Takes Junior Single Action Shooting Prize

Samantha Autencio, Reporter

Sophomore Emily Stuchell became the Junior Girls' CAS champion this year.

Sophomore Emily Stuchell traveled to Phoenix, Arizona this February where she won the Single Action Shooting Society’s National Championship Junior Girls’ Division.

The SASS cowboy action shooting competition was held at what was previously planned for the worldwide shooting Olympics, Ben Avery Olympic Shooting Range. The Stuchells were the only competitors from Connecticut out of 750 competitors from over 44 states and 8 countries.

Emily Stuchell’s category was for girls ages 14-16.

Her parents, Amy and Bill said that “[they are] so very proud of her.”

Emily’s five years of rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting landed her first place in her category.

Stuchell recalled, “All of the sudden I heard my name and I couldn’t stop smiling and shaking.”

Stuchell received a trophy and a buckle for her shotgun belt for her accomplishment.

Although, the sport is not recognized in high school athletics, Emily said, “I love this sport. It is my life.”