Dancers Deal with New Environment

Raquel Delgadillo, Reporter

Like the fall sports teams, the Dance Club has had to find a new, temporary home.

 Due to construction, the dance room is not available. The dancers have moved to the cafeteria to practice for their annual show in March.

Dance club advisor Mrs. MacDougall said, “It’s very inconvenient; but nothing is going to really change.  It will be difficult to practice our dances because we will not have the mirrors, a lot of space, and every day we always have to move the lunch tables. But at least we have somewhere we can practice, and we’ll just have to deal with it.”

Even though it will be difficult, Mrs. MacDougall is excited for this year’s production.  Similar to past productions, it will include a jazz piece, a modern piece, a hip hop piece, as well as a variety of other types of dances. 

Ms. MacDougall said, “The only major difference this year is that the modern pieces are going to be heavy and dark, unlike last year’s, which were very uplifting.”    

Losing the dance room is difficult for the dancers.

“It presents a challenge. We have no mirrors or as much space as we used to. We can’t see what we’re doing right or wrong. Also, it is much hotter in the café,” said sophomores Kristen Hanner and Katt McCabe.

However, the dancers are eager to be a part of Dance Club.

“We have a group of really good dancers this year. The show should be great,” said sophomores Brooke Donnellan, Phoebe Lee, and Alissa Malhoit.