Fall Fun Marks the Season

Yuberki Delgadillo and Jake Keating, Reporters

With the school year in full swing, students activites change venues from the areas beaches and lakes to more fall seasonal activities.

Sophomore Justin Lindblom said,” I’m pretty busy between homework and running cross-country, but otherwise I like to hang out with my friends and just chill. Eating and gaming with friends is always fun too.”

“I enjoy hanging out with my friends and spend time with my family,” said junior Nathan Nebelski. 

Besides the various school offereings, some students embrace traditional New England fun, marked by upcoming holidays, particularly Halloween.

“I also enjoy going to things like haunted hayrides and haunted houses as it gets closer to Halloween,” Lindblom said. “I love going with friends and seeing them scream and get scared.”

Sophomore Amanda Tourjee said, “I love the fall! I really love spirit week in school. The bonfire and Homecoming have to be my favorite parts.”

“My family cooks the seeds that we carved out of the pumpkins and eat them,” said sophomore Kyle Chung. 

Getting frightened is a main objective for many people that can be fulfilled by haunted houses on Halloween.

 Freshman Christina Zhang said “I got so scared at the Haunted Hayride in Old Saybrook! It was a lot of fun.” The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce is a popular and well known place to go that involves late night rides, performances, and the scary haunted graveyard itself.

One thing to look forward to about Halloween are the television events such as Disney’s Halloween movies every night including episodes related to the holiday and ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween Marathon.

 “My favorite movies shown are Halloweentown and Twitches!” said junior Emily Stuchell.

Decorated houses are widespread during this time of year. Lights and cobwebs adorn bushes, fake tombstones are scattered on the grounds, and dead artificial bodies are hung.

Senior Bryam Silva said, “Decorating is my favorite part! My dad and I hang up ghosts on our door and place jack-o-lanterns near the windows.”

Just because trick-or-treating ends, does not mean the holiday fun ends.

 “Once we arrive home, we see who gets the most candy,” sophomore Mariah Balestracci said about one of her family’s Halloween traditions.