Lancer Nation Shirts Get New Design

Andrea Henry, Reporter

The new Lancer Nation t-shirts are the season’s must-have fashion. 

The new design created by senior Olivia Mallari shows a fearless Lancer with all of the Eastern Connecticut Conference mascots pierced by two lances.  Lancer is written in white across the top and on the bottom nation, creating a bold impact.

Students are pleased with new design.

“I think the shirt looks cool, but I think that Lancer looks like he is dancing,” said junior Lily O’Hara.

 “The Lancer definitely looks like he is doing a little dance, however, I think it is a really cool design and I cannot wait to get my t-shirt!” said  junior Marissa Purcell.

“ The Lancer Nation shirt this year is much better than the previous ones because it shows that we are the best,” said senior Chris Hodges.

“ The new design is definitely better than the ones before, and it’s different than anything we have had before,” said junior Kelsey Johnson.

 Even the staff like the shirt’s new design.

“I like the strong figure of the Lancer. It looks as though are ECC foes are vanquished on each side,” said Mr. Criscuolo.