End Of School Event Preview

End Of School Event Preview

With the warm weather approaching, students have a lot to look forward to both in and outside of the classrooms.

On Thursday May 30th, Physics students from all three levels (AP, advanced and standard) will go to Lake Compounce to celebrate Physics Day. There, they will get a packet of physics questions, and will be left for the day to explore Newtonian physics, from velocity and acceleration to force. Mr. Lovering, Mr. Rondash and Mr. Bassett will accompany the students as chaperones.

“I’m excited to be able to have a lot of fun but be able to learn at the same time!” said junior Alyssa Mathiowitz.

Thursday, June 6th is the Senior Picnic. Senior Picnic is paid for by the senior class, and involves the whole class spending a day at Waterford Beach. The Senior Picnic is a chance for the whole class to bond together before the stress of finals begins to take over.  Moe’s Southwest Grill is catering, and for dessert there will be Ben and Jerry’s.

“It’ll be nice to just be with the Class of 2013 outside of the typical school setting, just relaxing and having fun time after four years of hard work,” said senior Leah Simonson.

On June 7, a new fundraiser will be launched – the Decade Dance-a-thon.  This activity is a way for students to raise money for their class, team or club. Dance teams of two-to-six people get sponsors, much like in Relay for Life. All the money the teams get (so long as the full team stays for the whole event) will go to the class, team or club of their choice. There will also be a basket and gift card raffle, as well as a 50-5o raffle sponsored by the Waterford High School Scholarship Fund.