Five Things You Didn’t Know: Mr. Fioravanti


Music department head Mr. Fioravanti gets ready to teach class.

Alice Hanson

Alice Hanson, Reporter

In this edition of “Five Things You Didn’t Know”, let’s get to know music department head Mr. Fioravanti.

Question: What do you do in your free time?

Answer:  I hang out with my children and wife. I like to travel, read, and go to events whether it be with my family or not. I like to go to plays, musicals, concerts, and what not.

Question: Tell our readers about your family. 

Answer: I have a wife named Kate and three daughters: Nina (11), Sofia (8), and Emelia (4) years old. 

Question: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Answer: My favorite flavor of ice cream would have to be Cherry Garcia. Besides the fact that I like Ben & Jerry’s, I also like the flavor that the cherries gives the ice cream.

Question: What is your spirit animal?

Answer: I never thought of what my spirit animal might be. I think my spirit animal is probably a lion because it is a quiet leader. The lion is in charge, but is not very forceful about being the leader. You just know the lion is in charge.

Question: Why do you like being a teacher, especially a music teacher.

Answer: The thing I like most about being a teacher is that I get to mold and shape the youth of America, as corny as that sounds. I like to teach students not only about my subject, but about themselves, what they need to know, and life. I want to help motivate them to be great people first. The cool thing about being a music teacher is I get to do all those things, and the vehicle I use to do it is music.”