Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Cadorette


Mr. Cadorette fences Mr. O'Connor in the quad during the Welcome Back ice cream social. Mr. Cadorette used to coach the fencing team.

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

Everyone knows our sarcastic, somewhat cynical librarian Mr. Cadorette. But how well do we really know him? Most would be surprised that Mr. Cadorette has spent his fair share of time away from the bookshelves, instead traveling the world and collecting many experiences that became great stories later in life. From coming face-to-face with a wild lion to getting married twice in the same day, these five facts show that Mr. Cadorette is more than just a simple librarian.

  1. He has had over 40 jobs.

In over 40 years of working, Mr. Cadorette has acquired an impressive resume, holding over 40 different occupations in his lifetime. These jobs were not your average run-of-the-mill desk jobs. Mr. Cadorette worked in many odd places, such as a psychiatric hospital, the historical site of the Mayflower II, and even spent some time as a limousine driver.

  1. He is a huge fan of Bob Dylan.

Mr. Cadorette is well-known for his extensive knowledge of the 1960s and their music, which explains his love for the legendary Bob Dylan. This music icon has inspired Mr. Cadorette for years, and he can often be seen humming along to songs such as “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Like a Rolling Stone”.

  1.         He has visited a total of six continents.

Thanks to the abroad trips funded by the school, Mr. Cadorette has accompanied students to several countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia. His most memorable trips include Namibia, where he and Mr. Ash went on several safaris and even encountered a lion in the wild, and Egypt. With a chuckle, he stated that his entire group contracted some form of gastrointestinal parasite during the Egypt trip. Mr. Cadorette was also able to go to school in England for a year in his youth.

  1.      His wife is just as eccentric as he is.

It is clear that Mr. Cadorette has a extravagant personality, making it only fitting that his wife be as extravagant as him. She was originally a costume historian on the Mayflower II, due to her passion for designing her own clothes. She also owns a fiorde horse and sported a vibrant plum dress for her wedding.

  1.      He secretly had two weddings.

Crazy, right? Because of his wife’s anxiety with crowds, they ordered a marriage license in secret, and snuck onto the Mayflower at midnight. They married, enjoyed a bottle of champagne, and later had the originally planned wedding that their parents had wanted them to have. This daring expedition clearly shows how far Mr. Cadorette is willing to go for his wife.