Feeling The End of Year Blahs

Feeling The End of Year Blahs

Lauren O'Neill, Reporter

With a little over a month left of school, many students are getting excited for the summer. However, this can also mean they begin to “check out” and fall behind in schoolwork or stop doing it altogether. It can be difficult for students to stay on task with the nice weather, but for many it is essential that they stay focused and finish strong because of AP tests and final exams.

Looking back to the beginning of the year, there may be some things students are not proud of and know they need to work on so they can be more successful next year. This is particularly vital for seniors, most of whom were will be going off to college next year, a much different experience than high school. The skills they have learned in the past four years will help them succeed, but any bad homework and study habits can seriously impact them later on.

Sophomore Shahiq Lajwar said if she could do this year over again, she would have “tried harder in all of her classes and would not procrastinate as much.” Next year, she wants to try harder in her classes to get good grades and reach her goals.

Likewise, Tania Nasrin, a senior, stated that if she could do this year over again, she “ would try harder in my pre -calculus class in order to get better grades on tests and quizzes.” She also would apply for more scholarships than she did in order to prepare for next year, and spend more time with her friends while she has the opportunity.

In school, there are times for fun and hanging out with friends, but it is important to keep up with school work and not fall behind so there’s not a last minute scramble to get grades up along with the pressure of finals. Despite the warmer temperatures and the dwindling amount of  days left until vacation, it is important to stay on task and finish strong, learning from past mistakes and making sure they do not occur again in the future.